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Fiction Infatuation · 31. January 2018
Jack Morrison will make his appearance on Valentine's Day! Find out what makes him such a catch here.
Fiction Infatuation · 01. June 2017
I know what you're thinking - too obvious, right? I know, but you can't have a fiction infatuation blog without mentioning the the swoon-master of them all. So here goes...
Fiction Infatuation · 18. May 2017
Oh, here we go! My first love! I was only two when he first came on the scene. But I remember watching "Return of the Jedi" in the theaters at the ripe young age of eight. Boys were still gross and noisy to me back then. But not Han... not Han...
Fiction Infatuation · 01. May 2017
This fiction infatuation goes straight to the wizarding world with an examination of what makes Sirius Black so irresistible.
Fiction Infatuation · 25. April 2017
Jim Halpert The 'every man' from the office is funny, smart, loyal, and geek-sexy. My obsession with Jim began on the very first episode of The Office. It is apparent right away that we, the audience, are seeing the other characters through Jim's frustrated, amused, and often appalled, viewpoint. It creates a kinship with him. Then there's his clear and apparent love for Pam, worn on his sleeve like a bright yellow ribbon tied on and cutting off his circulation. It is so.... awwwww! But while...