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The Wish Series

The WISH series will consist of four books being released between September 2018 and May 2019. The series follows four friends that share the same birthday. Within the course of a year they will try to make their wishes come true. These books are available on Amazon and through Kindle Unlimited. Find out more here.

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MICA'S WISH is a sweet MM Romance that follows up on two of the characters from "Maya's Wish." It is about 8,500 words and is being offered free to my readers.


This story is only available on this website.

The I Want Morrison Series

The I WANT MORRISON Series, published by The Wild Rose Press, follows the Morrison siblings as they each make their journey to find love. Find out more about the series here.

The Love on Tour Series

 My very first contemporary romance venture is the LOVE ON TOUR series. These books are all available for 99cents or free with Kindle Unlimited. You can see them here.                                  

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