Fiction Infatuation - Han Solo

Han Solo


 How many women have had their view of what sexy is shaped by Harrison Ford? I know I'm not alone here.

  I mean, there I was -- young, curious about boys, but surrounded by smelly, obnoxious beings. And then, amidst the blasters and lightsabers -- there he was. He was an irreverent, reluctant hero, and, of course, he was a total scoundrel.

  Add to that an almost unconscious awareness of what Princess Leia was trying to tell me -- I am a girl, I am powerful, I am strong, I am capable.

  I was reeling. My young brain was taking it all in.

  Then she fell for him. And I did, too. 

  Can a strong, badass woman fall for a bad boy? Hell, yes! That was what George Lucas (albeit it most likely unbeknownst to him) was telling us burgeoning badass girls. And I bought it -- hook, line, and sinker!

  Bottom line: I would be his co-pilot on the Millennium Falcon anytime!

  Infatuation level: 9.5


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Showing up at the end of a "New Hope" to save the day!



When, recognizing what a badass Princess Leia is during the siege on Endor's moon, he tells her he loves her.


"I know." Enough said.

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