16. November 2017
Marty has made arrangements for Bea's blind date. Only she no longer wants to go... Check out Part 7 of "Blind Date."
12. November 2017
A check-in on the progress of the set-ups reveals that Kyle has found the perfect girl for Marty... Check out Part 6 of "Blind Date."
09. November 2017
Bea and Marty discuss the past. Check out Part 5 of "Blind Date."
04. November 2017
Bea goes to meet the man she wants to set Shawna up with, and Marty tags along... Check out Part 4 of "Blind Date."
31. October 2017
Marty gathers more information in order to find Bea the perfect date... Check out Part 3 of "Blind Date."
28. October 2017
Bea made the pact with her friends and now her love life is in the hands of her best friend... Check out Part 2 of "Blind Date."
25. October 2017
In Real Time! I am writing a short story one chapter at a time on this blog. I did not write this ahead of time, or even plan it out. We're on this adventure together! Here's chapter one...
18. October 2017
Since I fawned over Sean Rush in the last blog post, may as well give his best friend Hank a turn...
05. October 2017
I am a little embarrassed to say to that one of my biggest fiction infatuations is of my own hero from "Love on the Rocks." Here's my tribute to Sean Rush...
17. August 2017
I am pleased to announce that I've just signed a publishing contract for the 'I Want Morrison' series.

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