Diary of a Secretary - Part 7

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So I’m stuck in an elevator kissing the guy I’m supposed to be working with for my new temporary job. This is not good. And at the same time. It is so good.


I don’t get around too much. Though, like I told Claude, I’m a sucker for testosterone. As a result I’ve been in a few relationships that I probably had no business being in and I’ve had a few poorly thought-out flings. This one might the worst of all. Because I can already feeling myself getting lost in this quiet, sweet hunk of a man.


I don’t bother pulling away. What’s the point? We’re making out now. So I just tilt my head, open my mouth, and invite him in. Claude pulls me closer and accepts my invitation.


It could be a minute or an hour that we’re fused together like that, mouths playing, hands roaming. It only ends when the elevator starts to move again.


Claude and I both stand, our hands still locked together. We stare at each other as the elevator moves smoothly back down to the main floor. No words are spoken as the door slides open and we emerge into the lobby to the amused greetings of a dozen construction workers.


The foreman takes us to a nearby bar and buys us a drink. And since it’s after five, I decide to head home after that. Claude walks me back to the construction site where we’ve both left our cars. On the way there we mostly talk about the elevator, the construction crew, and what a nice guy the foreman is.


When we reach my car, Claude turns and leans me against it. I pull back. “As much as I want a repeat performance,” I say, my hand on his chest. “I don’t think it’s a good idea.”


“How can I make it a good idea?”


Utterly confused, I ask, “What do you mean?”


“Do I need to give up the Morrison account?” he says, his eyes reflecting nothing but genuine madness.


“You can’t be serious? You’d give up what has to be the biggest account of your career to make out with me a little more?”


One corner of his mouth ticks up. “Well, actually, for that kind of career suicide I was hoping for a full-fledged date. I was thinking dinner, movies, walk on the beach, the whole nine yards.”


“You’re crazy.”


Claude takes both of my hands in his and holds them between us. “I’m not stupid. And I’m not the kind of man that throws away an opportunity for nothing. And I am genuinely scared of my sister-in-law. She’d have my head for this. But I have also never had this…immediate connection with anyone before. There is something about you, Janice. And I feel compelled to explore it. So, please, will you go out with me?”


No one had ever…


What could I do? “Okay. Friday night.”


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