The small central California community of Masontown, named for the fierce pioneering woman Biddy Mason, is full of strong modern women, too. When the town is rocked by a brutal murder, four of them get swept up in the mystery. While each woman tries to piece together what’s happened in the sleepy town, they find that in addition to uncovering the true killer, they will also discover their soul mates.

This is a four part series of novellas. The romance is wrapped up at the end of each book, but the murder mystery is not concluded until book 4. The series should be read in order.

Book 1


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Sophia Hart changed her name, cut her hair, and went to a college far away from Masontown, CA. But the past haunts her in every dirty look and every bullying act from her classmates. It doesn’t matter that a jury found she wasn’t responsible for the brutal slaying of her high school boyfriend. Everyone around her only sees one thing when they look at her—a killer.

Taye Bordon is new to the quiet, little western Washington college. He transferred over to lead their hockey team to small school acclaim. He doesn’t care what other people think of the silent beauty in his pre-law classes. He wants to find out what’s behind her sad but stunning eyes.

Taye must find a way to get Sophia to open up and see there are plenty of people who believe her. Meanwhile, the real killer is still on the loose.

Book 2


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When China Smith isn’t working at the library, taking online classes, or looking out for her teenaged sister, she’s investigating the murder of Brian Cummings so she can clear her best friend’s name. When China discovers that someone else is also looking into the murder, she can’t help but uncover who is digging into the case.

Anthony Price had been on the verge of telling China about his feelings for her when they were ripped apart on opposite sides of a murder trial. Four years later, he still wants answers, and he still wants China.

As this unlikely team works together to find Brian’s killer, they will discover that some things from the past were never truly buried.

Book 3

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     Marta Hart became a lawyer to battle the kind of injustice her sister suffered at the hands of the County Prosecutor. After she earns her law degree, she starts a non-profit with her best friend. Their goal is to help innocent people wrongly convicted. The job brings her head-to-head with the Prosecutor’s newest recruit.

Adam Ahmad knows he was the second pick for his new job. The first choice, Marta Hart, told them to…well, she didn’t take the job. Eager to impress his new boss, he finds himself in constant battle with Marta, who still holds a grudge against the entire County Prosecutor’s office for trying her sister for murder four years before.

When two people on opposite sides of the justice system find something in common, sparks will fly, and they just might come one step closer to catching a killer.

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Working for the family of Brian Cummings is a big break for up-and-coming Private Investigator Lianna Chance. Finally on her own after her father and mentor retires, she is determined to solve the case and prove her worth.

Miller Gershwin has a new life, but the same uncanny ability to solve crimes. So when a rich benefactor hires him to clear Sophia Hart of the murder of her high school boyfriend, he knows he’s the right man for the job.

      Lianna and Miller might see each other as competitors, but only together can they solve the mystery of their undeniable attraction -- not to mention the murder mystery itself.