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Mica's Wish · 14. November 2018
This short story will be a follow up on Maya's twin brother Mica from "Maya's Wish" and should be read after finishing that book. This bonus short story is a sweet MM Romance about 8,500 words long.
Fiction Infatuation · 11. September 2018
Find out why I have a fiction infatuation with Carlos Diaz from my new book "Amy's Wish."
Blog Stories · 24. January 2018
Part 10 of 10. The conclusion of Janice and Claude's love story.
24. January 2018
Part 9 of 10. Janice discusses her future with Candace.
Blog Stories · 22. January 2018
Part 8 of 10. Janice has to tell her boss about her and the hot architect.
Blog Stories · 18. January 2018
Part 7 of 10. Janice and Claude are STILL trapped in an elevator, and things are getting really interesting...
Blog Stories · 15. January 2018
Part 6 of 10. Janice and Claude are still trapped in an elevator, and things heat up...
Blog Stories · 11. January 2018
Part 5 of 10. Janice and Claude are trapped in an elevator...
Blog Stories · 06. January 2018
Part 4 of 10. Janice and Claude go on a field trip...
Blog Stories · 03. January 2018
Part 3 of 10. Janice meets the interior designer she's stuck working with, and he is not what she expected...

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