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Author's Life · 10. February 2019
Here's what's different about this MF romance novel....
Fiction Infatuation · 27. November 2018
Time for a new release! Maya's Wish is out December 13. Here's a sneak peek at the hero: Everett Evans.
Fiction Infatuation · 11. November 2018
I am welcoming fellow Wild Rose author, Peggy Jaeger, to my blog to talk her infatuation with her strong-willed heroine in "Dearly Beloved."
Fiction Infatuation · 08. November 2018
Fellow Wild Rose author, Jennifer Wilck, visits the blog to talk about her fiction infatuation with writing fiction.
Fiction Infatuation · 11. September 2018
Find out why I have a fiction infatuation with Carlos Diaz from my new book "Amy's Wish."
Fiction Infatuation · 28. May 2018
Book 3 of the I WANT MORRISON series will be out later this summer. Here's a quick preview of the book's hot hero, Hayden Morrison...
Fiction Infatuation · 07. March 2018
Henry Rushton is on the scene! "Lost on the Road to Love" will be available everywhere March 14. Get a glimpse of what it's hero so very infatuation-worthy.