Blind Date part 9 - Revelations


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Chapter nine - Revelations


When I see my blind date sitting there waiting for me, I turn to Marty in a panic. “I’m sure he’s very nice, Marty. But Hyler Green, he’s not for me.”


Marty smiles and leans toward me. We’ve stopped about ten feet away from the table and I can feel Hyler’s eyes on us. Marty is so close to me now that he might as well be about to kiss me. If my date weren’t sitting a stone’s throw away I would think he was.


“Why, Bea, why?”


Marty wants me to tell him the truth. And I’ve reached the point of no return. There’s no way I can spend the evening on a date with someone else, even if he is a super hot, super successful hockey player.


I take a deep breath and spill. “I am interested in only one man.” He looks thrilled to hear this. A wide grin spreads across his face and it gives me confidence. “I only want you, Marty,” I say, my voice low.


“Thank God,” he says on a breath. Then he leans down and makes that small amount of space between our lips disappear.


We’re standing in the middle of the restaurant, steps away from my date, Marty is thoroughly kissing me, and I am having a hard time caring. Marty and I are fused in this moment. We are of one mind. We want the same thing—each other.


When Marty breaks away from me I try to focus. “Good. Because Hyler is not your date,” Marty says, his voice husky.




“No. He’s Kyle’s. I helped Cindy out and found the perfect date for him.”


My brain is still trying to process that when Marty turns me so I can see Kyle coming toward us from the front of the restaurant. Marty greets him with a quick hug. “Okay, Kyle, there he is. Go on over and introduce yourself. You don’t need my help.”


Kyle doesn’t seem surprised to see the hockey player there, so Marty must have informed him of his date ahead of time. Kyle’s eyes sparkle as he looks past our little gathering and waves shyly at the man sitting in the booth.


Kyle turns back to us. “No problem. First though, Marty, let me introduce you to your blind date. The perfect woman for you, the woman I’d bet my meager fortune that you’re going to marry someday.” He claps his hand on my shoulder. “Beatrice Beckman.”


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