Blind Date part 2 - The Matchmaker


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Chapter two- The Matchmaker


“Come on sleepyhead,” a voice calls from my kitchen. “I brought bagels.”


I stumble out of my bedroom and look up at my best friend. He’s standing at my kitchen island with a shiny white bag in his hand. His dark brown hair has grown longer. He keeps it short during hockey season, but as the coach his summer work is mostly done in the office and he tends to let it go. I personally like the way it flops over his forehead, accenting his deep brown eyes.


“I was shooting a wedding last night,” I groan as I pull myself onto a barstool.


I’m still wearing my long, boxy nightshirt with Snoopy on the front. My normally straight hair is in utter disarray, forming weird lumps and loops that are a product of last night’s updo. I am also wearing zero make-up.


But Marty has seen me this way before. He has a key to my apartment and I have one to his. I have been known to sneak in during hockey season and stock his fridge since he has so little time. It’s a good thing, too, because if it were up to him he’d eat the takeout he warns his athletes about all through the season. And even though it’s been three years since an injury ended his playing days in the minors, Marty still has an incredible physique. Best friend or not, I can certainly appreciate it.


“Aaaah, the budding photographer,” he says as he starts emptying the contents of the bag.


I am actually a third grade teacher, which means I have summers off. I tend to pick up more photography gigs during that time. “You got any coffee in there?” I ask, eyeing the bag.


Marty turns around and uses one of his well toned arms to pull a to-go cup off the counter behind him. He swings it around and pushes it toward me. “Carmel Latte, my queen.”


“Bless you,” I say gratefully as I take a sip.


My eyes follow those muscular arms and big, agile hands as Marty starts to slice the bagels. “So did you pick a date for Shawna yet?” he asks.


“Actually, I think I met the right guy last night at the wedding I was working. But I have a little more vetting to do.”


“How are you going to do that?”


“I asked him to meet me for coffee later this week. I told him the whole thing, how I want to set him up with a friend of mine and that I wanted to get to know him better to make sure he’s a good fit.”


Marty stopped what he was doing and smirked. “He probably thought it was you.”




“Yeah. ‘I’ve got a friend.’ Come on, Bea. He agreed to the coffee because he thinks it was your weirdo way of hitting on him.”


I slap my hand over my mouth and he laughs. I pull my hand back and glare at him. “What I am going to do?”


Marty turns his attention back to the bagels, popping them into my toaster oven and grabbing two plates from the cupboard. “Don’t worry. I’ll go with you.”


Once we are both sitting at the counter with bagels and lox in front of us, I ask Marty what he’s up to today. “I am doing some vetting of my own,” he responds casually.


“What does that mean?”


“Well, it’s my responsibility to pick the perfect man for you, right?”


“Ugh. I can’t believe I got you.” He pretends to be hurt, clutching his chest and pouting. It’s cute, but it doesn’t work on me. “You have never liked any of the guys I’ve dated.”


“Exactly. They all turned out to be total disasters. So it’s time I took over your love life, Bea. And we’re starting today.”


“Oh yeah? You found someone already?”


“I have a list of potentials. But before I can choose the perfect one, I need to go over some things with you first. So finish your bagel and get dressed, because we are going out.”


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