Blind Date part 6 - The Meeting


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Chapter six - The Meeting



As it turns out, I am the hero of the monthly meeting, the only one who has already found and vetted a blind date for my assigned friend. However, I haven’t been able to get Shawna together with Chris yet because of their hectic schedules.



“I have been looking,” Cindy complains, “but I can’t find the right guy for Kyle. But don’t worry. I have something up my sleeve.” She exchanges a glance with Marty I can’t decipher. I decide to ask him about it later.


“I have three guys picked out for Cindy,” Shawna says. “I’m working on meeting with each one to decide which is the absolute best. Stay tuned.” She takes a sip of her Margarita and turns toward Kyle who is sitting beside her at the large round table.


We’re each making our reports. I started since I was so proud of myself for having found Chris. Then I passed the torch to Cindy, who’d turned to Shawna. Now it is Kyle’s turn.


I lean forward in anticipation of Kyle’s report about his progress in finding Marty a date. My stomach feels tight and I grip the stem of my wine glass with white knuckles. I cast my eyes to my immediate right, where Marty is sitting. Instead of watching Kyle, he is staring at my hand. I try to relax my grip, but I can’t seem to do it. I am completely wound up.


“I’ve already found the perfect girl for Marty,” Kyle says, an arrogant grin on his face. He is clearly proud of himself.


“Who?” I ask, the word blurting out of me without my permission.


Kyle turns his prideful grin on me. “Not telling. Not yet. I suspect that at our next meeting Marty will come in here with her on his arm. In fact, I am willing to bet on it. Any takers?”


Marty slaps a twenty-dollar bill on the table. “I’ll take that bet and hope I lose,” he says.


Kyle’s eyes sparkle, his gaze trained on Marty as he reaches into his wallet and pulls out a twenty of his own. “Bea, why don’t you hang on to the wager?” he suggests.


I put both bills in my purse without comment. I can’t explain what’s happening inside me. But I am struggling to deal with the image of Marty, smiling and happy, with some woman on his arm. And even though I shouldn’t, I hope to hell that Kyle loses the bet.


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