Blind Date part 10 - Happily Ever After


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Chapter ten - Happily Ever After



I walk into the house feeling light on my feet, despite the paper bag overflowing with groceries balanced in my arms. I can barely see over the lettuce exploding out of the top.


“Hey, whoa. Let me help.” I feel my burden released as Marty grabs the bag and transfers it from my arms to the counter. He immediately starts unloading the salad fixings.


"I forgot the stupid reusable bags again," I complain.


He shrugs, used to this habit of mine already. “You’re just in time. Kyle texted me to say they are on their way. We’re gonna have to whip up this salad real quick.”


“It can wait,” I say, standing in the middle of the kitchen with my hands on my hips, a pout gracing my lips.


Marty looks up from the bag and turns to me. He takes the two steps it requires to wrap me up in his arms. “Sorry.” He leans down to kiss me. “Welcome home, sweetheart.”


This little ritual started when I moved in with him last week, and I am hoping it will never end.


“Better,” I say, smiling up at him. “Now get back to work. We have guests coming.”


He laughs and turns back to fixing the salad that will go with the spaghetti we’re serving, while I open a bottle of wine. Tonight is our monthly get together with our friends and this time we’re all bringing dates.


Shawna and Chris didn’t work out, but Shawna did light a spark with one of the candidates she’d been interviewing for Cindy. Cindy is still dating the man she met when she went on her blind date, only it isn’t the guy Shawna set her up with, but the waiter who served them. Kyle and Hyler worked out great.


And me and Marty, three months later we are as happy as ever. I look over at him and he seems to have stopped chopping vegetables in favor of staring at me.


“What’s up?” I ask, approaching him.


He is leans up against the counter, a brilliant smile on his face, his hands both stuck in his pockets. “Well. There’s something I want to talk to you about before everyone arrives.”


“You better hurry.”


“Yeah. I guess so.” He looks down at the linoleum flooring covering the kitchen. “Let’s go to the living room.” He pulls one hand out of his pocket and takes mine as he pulls me into the other room.


As soon as we hit carpeting, Marty drops down on one knee and pulls his other hand out of his pocket, revealing a shiny diamond ring.


“Oh my God!” The exclamation slips out of me without thought or warning.


“Is that a yes?”


I take a deep breath, then another. “Ask first.”


He chuckles. “Okay. Bea, I love you. I’ve always loved you. We may have only been together for a few months officially, but I’ve been waiting thirteen years to ask you this: Will you marry me?”


I drop down on my knees and throw my arms around him. “You bet I will!”




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