Hot Boss!

He kissed her cheek. “Sweetheart. You are incredible. I am at your mercy. Don’t ever doubt that.”


I know alpha heroes are all the rage, but if you’ve ever read my books, you know I value the man who isn’t afraid to lay himself at a woman’s feet and meet her needs and demands. In fact, I find it sexy as hell.


Carlos Diaz, the hero in my new book “Amy’s Wish” is just such a man. Powerful in his career. Capable of making or breaking a company with his astute brain. Tall, dark, and handsome. Carlos doesn’t grab Amy by the hair and demand she please him. No. He drops to his knees and makes it his goal to please her.


He leaned in so close their lips were almost in kissing range. “One word and I will fall to my knees right here and worship you for the chance to touch you later.”


Amy needs an understanding and slow-paced lover. She’s never been physically attracted to anyone in her thirty years. Unusual, yes, but not unheard of, especially for a woman with a traumatic past. Amy had come to terms with her lack of lust. But then she met Carlos. And everything changed.


Amy took a deep breath. “You changed my whole life, Carlos. I never thought this would happen. When I saw my future I saw me adopting kids or getting artificial insemination. I imagined myself alone, a virgin, without ever knowing what…this…was like.” She shivered under his hand. “This is so amazing,” she whispered, leaning closer to him.


He wanted to explore that, but first he had a pressing question. “Why me?”


“I don’t know. But it’s definitely all about you.”


“Maybe it was just your time or something.”


“No, Carlos. You did this to me. And I am hoping that you want me, too. See, I can’t really tell if you feel the same way because I’ve never—”


Carlos stopped her with a kiss. It was deep and passionate, and he poured his desires into it. Just in case she hadn’t gotten the message, he pulled back and whispered, “I want you, Amy.”


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