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Book 2 of the I WANT MORRISON series comes out one week from today! So I wanted to take a moment to let you all know about my fiction infatuation with the hero from “Lost on the Road to Love.”


If you’ve read the books from the LOVE ON TOUR series, this hero will be a little familiar – as in, he was actually little the last time you heard from him. Chelsea Morrison’s love interest is none other than Henry Rushton, the son of Sean and Baby Rush.


Henry’s parents get together in “Love on the Rocks.” We discover that Baby is pregnant with Henry in “Play Me.” We first meet baby Henry in “You Got to Me” and again in “The Man You need.” Then we see seven-year-old Henry in “Delirious Love.”


In “Lost on the Road to Love” Henry is all grown up and gorgeous! (I know, I used a Tardis to make this work time wise, but you’re just going to have go with me on this because I didn’t want to wait twenty years to write this story.)


Anyway…Chelsea had a crush on Henry when she first saw him in a magazine (they were both teenagers at the time.) Ten years later she comes face to face with her adolescent crush and here is her impression:


He walked into the room. The scene unfolded in slow motion. He moved fluidly. Long legs clad in worn jeans carried him through the doorway. His T-shirt, which sported a faded band logo for the rock group Chrome, molded itself to a muscular chest and sculpted biceps. His strong chin was covered in a dark five o’clock shadow that matched the eyebrows above his chocolate brown eyes. His face was framed by long, perfectly straight, glossy black hair that tucked behind his ears and hung down below his wide shoulders.


My mouth went dry, my eyes involuntarily widened, and my body became completely still. He was even better looking in person than I’d imagined.


The most intriguing thing about Henry (to me) is that despite his incredible good looks, he is a major nerd. Though he has to do some work to prove it to Chelsea:


“Who’d have thought that showing off my nerdiness would help?”


“You, Henry Rushton, are no nerd.”


“Oh, yes, I am,” he argued.


“I call bullshit. I know what a nerd is. I am one. But not you. No way.”


“In the morning, the first place I am taking us to is the American Museum of Natural History. And I’ve been there at least a dozen times before, and most of those times I’ve been with my mother. If that’s not nerdy, I don’t know what is,” he said, leaning toward me, his elbows propped on the table between us.


“Henry,” I said, throwing myself into the argument. “A person cannot look like you and be a nerd.”


“That is so unfair!” he cried, his eyes sparkling with amusement.


“Look, I admit there are many facets of being a nerd. But one very important one is ‘the look,’ Henry. A nerd cannot look like”—I waved my hand toward him wildly—“you!”


He pressed his lips together for a moment. “I unequivocally disagree. And that was a two-dollar word, which is worth some major geekdom right there!”


Ultimately, Henry turns out to be all that Chelsea needs with whipped cream on top. And in addition to his appearance in the novel, we get a glimpse of both his parents as well ;)


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