Book Review - A Kiss Under the Christmas Lights


I was struggling to get into the Christmas mood this year. Maybe it was because we've been really busy at my house, or because I'm traveling over the holidays. Whatever the reason, I just wasn't feeling it.


So I did what any good bibliophile does, I picked up a book. And being a romance junkie, naturally I picked up a holiday romance book. I chose Peggy Jaeger partly because as an author who has recently signed with the The Wild Rose Press I want to read works by other "Roses." 


And it absolutely did the trick!


A Kiss Under the Christmas Lights is novella length (meaning no matter how busy you are over the holidays you have time to read it.) It's relatively clean (maybe my mom wouldn't approve, but most everyone else would.) And it is witty and fun (effectively taking me out of Grinch mode.)


Our heroine is the baby in a large and hilarious Italian family. Looking for her future and seeking out love, Gia is open to the feelings she suddenly has for the new guy at church, Tim Santini. And when I say feelings, I mean instant attraction, hot under the collar, sizzling sensations just from a touch or a look -- all that good stuff. 


But Santini is off limits (no spoilers as to why!). As Gia navigates the holidays, a funeral, and a new baby niece, she also has to tread carefully as her feelings for Santini ebb and flow. Strangely she's wildly attracted to him one minute and the next...nothing. All the while her Catholic guilt is killing her because she shouldn't be interested in a man like him to be begin with.


I absolutely loved this modern Christmas tale rife with comedy, love, family, and (I promise) a Happily Ever After. 


You can check out this book and Peggy's entire collection at https://peggyjaeger.com

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    peggy jaeger (Monday, 18 December 2017 05:49)

    Kay, I'm so happy you enjoyed Gia and Tim's story and welcome to the Rose Garden. ROSES ROCK! Christmas is a hard time for lots of people so I wanted to write something that would bring a chuckle or a smile to someone's face if they read it. I'm glad it did both for you!
    Be well and, as nonna Constanza would say, Bouna Natale!

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    CB Clark (Monday, 18 December 2017 09:37)

    Great review. I'm definitely reading this book. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas read. Congratulations on the great review, Peggy. Merry Christmas.

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    Ilona Fridl (Monday, 18 December 2017 09:40)

    This book sounds so good! Peggy's books usually are.

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    Cat Dubie (Tuesday, 19 December 2017 00:42)

    Sounds like a great Christmas love story. Very nice review, Kay! Best of luck, Peggy.

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    Sandra Tilley (Tuesday, 19 December 2017 13:36)

    Great review. Sounds like just what I need to get into the Christmas spirit.