Fiction Infatuation - The men of SEP

Susan Elizabeth Phillips writes rom-coms that make me laugh out loud, cry like a baby, and fall deeply in love with her leading men.


While all of her books are marvelous, my heart belongs to the Chicago Stars series. SEP just released a new book in the series, First Star See Tonight. I haven't read it yet. Before I do, I wanted to review some of the men of the series I find so irresistible. 


Cal Bonner in Nobody's Baby but Mine - This cranky quarterback is given a very hard time by a nerdy scientist. I was laughing so hard tears were running down my face during the 'shotgun' scene at grandma's house. And Cal himself... yes, please.


Gabriel Bonner in Dream a Little Dream - Cal's little brother is crankier and crustier. But deep down he has a heart of gold (and apparently, a very talented set of hands.)


Dean Robillard in Natural Born Charmer - Cocky and obnoxious, when Dean's family troubles make him vulnerable and unsure of himself, I melt like chocolate left on a car seat in Arizona in July.


Kevin Tucker  in This Heart of Mine - Alright, here it is. Kevin is my favorite. I've read this book the most (can't even count the number of times). I cannot get enough of Kevin Tucker. I can't really even put my finger on what exactly it is about him that I am so infatuated with. And maybe that's the best part. Yum....


Okay, I fan geeked out. Now comes the plug for my leading men. Check out Sean, Hank, Sam, Jack, and Alonso from the Love on Tour series here.