The story behind the story (sappy version)

“Don’t Let Him Go” is an opposites attract, contemporary, multicultural romance that takes place in the stunning setting of San Francisco. While I have always been inspired to write romance novels by my sincere admiration for the depth of human relationships and the strength of the human heart, this particular story has its own unique journey to being written.


While the characters in my novels tend to be different from one another in many ways, the idea of people who appear on the surface to be opposites but are at the center one, comes from my own love story.


Even our closest friends are surprised that my husband and I found one another. But while the differences in our heights, our demeanors, and even our choices in careers seem to be so vastly divergent, deep down we are one soul separated at birth and reunited at last.


So it should come as no surprise that I finally wanted to address in writing this dynamic in relationships where people appear on the outside to be mismatched puzzle pieces when in fact they are a perfect fit. In today’s climate, this seemed all the more poignant. 


Candace is a conservative-minded corporate lawyer. All she ever wanted was to leave behind her hippy parents and make a life filled with a large salary, nice apartment, and regal career. An assignment at her brand new dream job slams her into constant contact with Jack Morrison. In a rebellion of his own Jack rejects his family’s business and wealth. He strikes out by starting a non-profit that fights his father’s corporate greed.


Opposing goals, dichotomous worldviews, and jobs to be done that run in direct conflict to one another—none of this will stop Candace and Jack from finding the common soul they share.


I hope you will take the opportunity to dive into the story of this unlikely couple. Thank you for your time and happy reading!


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    Sarah (Thursday, 22 February 2018 22:44)

    You're the best! Love and miss you!