The WISH series is a fun and flirty set of contemporary romance novels that follows a group of four friends. All four work at the Tranquility Candle Company in Richmond, California. And all four share the same birthday. Join Amy, Maya, Alice, and Julia as they make their wishes come true!

Book 1

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Amy Trinkus makes a wish on her thirtieth birthday to finally find her occupational calling and begin her dream career. Due to a traumatic past, romance is the furthest thing from her mind. But when a new job opportunity brings her face-to-face with the only man she’s ever had a crush on, Amy’s journey to make her wish come true takes an unexpected path.


Carlos Diaz has been burned in the past and he’s reminded of it every day because his ex-wife still works with him at this best friend’s candle company. But he seems to completely forget all the reasons he should stay away from women when Amy walks into his department.


A complicated history, over-protective family, interfering best friend, and evil-intentioned ex-wife all conspire to keep Amy and Carlos apart. Despite the hurdles, they will fight to make their wishes come true.

Book 2


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Maya McDonald makes a wish on her twenty-ninth birthday to finally be free of her day job at the candle factory. Not only does she hate the work, but the company’s owner is the man who broke her heart seven years ago. Making it on her own as an artist is her number one goal. Number two on her list is avoiding Everett Evans.


Everett never forgot the way Maya rocked his world. But any chance he had with her seven years ago died when he got engaged. Now he has no fiancée, but he can’t seem to get Maya to give him anything more than her timesheet.


With the help of a set of audacious family and friends, Everett will set out to convince Maya to give him a second chance to make both their wishes come true.


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MICA'S WISH will be a follow up on Maya's twin brother, Mica, from "Maya's Wish" and should be read after finishing that book. This Free Bonus short story is a sweet MM Romance about 8,500 words long. Feel free to follow the link and read the story. 


Note: This story is different from the others I've published as it is a love story about two men. The story is categorized as sweet, meaning there is kissing and snuggling but no other explicit sex scenes.