Fiction Infatuation - Jack Morrison

Jack Morrison



Yep. This is a blatant plug for my new book. But, it's also a good opportunity for me to express why Jack makes me melt.


Jack Morrison is the black sheep of a powerful real estate family. He was supposed to inherit the whole thing and carry on the family legacy. Instead, he disappeared for five years and came back as a determined, troublesome activist. Using his trust fund, Jack starts a non-profit organization whose mission is to fight greedy corporations, like the one his family owns.


When Candace Gleason is asked to 'keep an eye on Jack' by her boss/Jack's dad, she finds herself struggling between her desire to throttle him and her desire to tear off all his clothes.


Jack is tall, with tousled hair, and almost constant stubble. He wears tight jeans, cotton t-shirts and Tevas. He is charming as hell and a complete pain in the you-know-what.


Bottom line: I would be happy to chain myself to a bulldozer if he was going to be locked up with me!


Infatuation level: 10


Coming Friday May 12! Don't Let Him Go



Ending up in jail -- twice



He gives Candace his private calendar (a move which, given her job, is very risky) all for one kiss. 


He leans Candace up against a Redwood tree, kisses her silly, and asks her to take him home.

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